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j9九游下载CRS is a leading manufacturer of thermit welding materials in China, we have more than 30 years experience of designing thermit welding to the rails. Focusing on rail welding used for railroad, metro, tram, crane rails, turnel construction and maintenance.

j9九游下载We have production area of 2500㎡, with fully automated batching system, sand mould automatic production & drying machines, equipped with full range of raw materials and welding joint testing equipments. Rail aluminum thermit welding material has been promoted and well applied in the railway lines such as the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway line, Jinqin passenger line, Daqin line, Tong-Rang line and Tong-huo line. Materials have been exporting to Australia, Indonesia and other countries many years, the products have won praise.

CRS possesses a qualified team of technicians and engineers who have been improving the quality and performance of products, Certified to the ISO9001:2000 standard, CRS' welding products have been supplied to a wide range of customers worldwide. Thermit products have been passed Chinese rail welding standard TB/T1632-2005 test, Railway Ministry of China, as well as Australia standard AS1085.15-1995 test, Indonesia welding joint inspection test, Taiwan SGS quality inspection test. We are ready to provide technical & operation training, qualification and certificate for customers to ensure a standardized quality and performance of the welding products.

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